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Your idea could be precise or a vague notion.  There is no right answer here.
If you have just a vague concept of what you might want, I can act as your "miniatures consultant". 
I can help you develop your idea, research possible miniatures and suggest conversions.  

Once you have your idea, the next step is finding the cost.  Pick a painting classification you'd like and tell me as much about your expectations as matter to you: color, style, basing elements, freehand work, etc. 
I'll then work up a quote and we can schedule your project.

Once we know what your project will be, the next step is scheduling when it will be done. 

Remember, this is more Art than Science. 
Scheduling resembles a queue more than a calendar.  This is because my priority is always a quality project.  Sometimes there are unexpected delays, a technique takes longer than expected, a miniature arrives defective
or I was sent the wrong item: there can be unforeseen delays.

If   'NO': 

A payment for the full cost any miniatures that need to be ordered must be made at time of scheduling.  If the client cancels the commission before it starts they may have the miniatures shipped to them for the cost of the shipping plus 10% of the cost of the miniatures to compensate for time. 

 At the time the project is ready to start I request 50% of the service cost. I will keep you updated on the status and send final pictures, sometimes work in progress pictures as well).  Once the project is complete the remainder of the service cost is due plus shipping by your chosen method.  

If   "YES" :

When scheduling is heavy I require a non-refundable scheduling deposit of 20% of the total service cost.  Once paid, this secures the client's place in the line up for scheduled projects.  When the project is ready to start, the 20% deposit is applied toward the 50% service payment. 

There are a few reasons for this: 
1. It gives security to the client. 
Once paid you know you have a place in the line of projects.  If someone had been discussing a project before you, but had made no decisions on it, your project will come first: first paid, first served.  

2.  It gives security to me.
Once paid, I know you are serious and can schedule others having a better idea of what the future calendar looks like: if I tell a prospective client that I have 6 commissions lined up already and he decides to not schedule, not wait that long, I may lose that possible commission. Regrettable, but understandable and I can't do everything, but if it turned out that those 6 scheduled commissions cancel then I'd have lost that possible commission for nothing with no compensation.

3. It gives clients a better idea of the schedule. 
This system allows me to give a more firm idea of the projected start date for clients like you.  With commissions with deposits, I have a more reliable circumstance of information to help you make your decisions.

Note: while the Scheduling Deposit is non-refundable, it IS transferable!  Should you change your mind and want a different project before your commission begins that is fine!  Your deposit can be applied to any project you can imagine.  I am flexible: I know sometimes a new army catches your attention, or perhaps you decide you don't like how a particular force plays, or maybe a tournament is coming up and you have a new priority for a different project: that is fine! Your money is yours, and can be applied to another project, no problem.

Once your project is ready to start it works just like described under 'No' above, except that you've already paid part of the 50% service costs. 

Shipping can be done by any carrier you wish.  Some things to note:

1.  I will always add tracking for USPS shipping within the United States. 

2.  Insurance is optional.  If you do not want insurance that is your choice, but I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items due to shipping.  

3.  For clients outside of the United States: I have a lot of international clients: at least half of my clients have been outside of the USA.  I will ship anywhere in the world.  Do realize that the most affordable method, USPS, can have insurance added but has no tracking system.  This is because once the package leaves the US it is handed over to your own country's postal system, so there is no way to track the item.  I have not had any problem with lost packages so far, but that doesn't mean it can't happen.   If tracking is required I suggest shipping by FedEx since they carry the package the entire way within their own system.  I know international postage is more costly and I'll work with you to reduce this as much as possible.